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Training and capacity Building

Institutional Strengthening

Sustainable policy implementation requires strategy development and elaboration supported by clear focus on human resource development. To successfully deploy policies and programmes, capacity and institutional development are key.

As components of institution building, Ecorys has developed and successfully executed programmes for many institutions, including: organisational design - coordination systems, functional characteristics, job descriptions and attestation; change management; training needs assessment; development and realisation of specialised trainings, including certification programmes.

Change & Process Management

Change management is all about communicating to relevant stakeholders about necessary changes in organisation or policy. More often than not, change management coincides with process management.

Ecorys knows that the success of change management projects rests on a thorough analysis of the starting situation. Only from this can we begin to determine need for and capability to change. Working together with the relevant actors in the change process is vital, as is good understanding and working knowledge of people management, budgets and financial management, operational management communication.

Financial advice

Ecorys advises on customised financing packages and provides full financial risk assessment to corporates, real estate developers or infrastructure sponsors. We also assist investors and corporates in asset management.

Our financial advisory services for Institutional Development include:

  • Supporting the foundation of PPP units for the public and private sectors
  • Providing training on all aspects involved in PPPs
  • Offering effective tools and creating toolkits to help the public sector enter into sustainable partnerships with the private sector
  • Review and advise on current legislation and existing institutional frameworks and PPP strategies

Decision making support

Decision making is in its very core a cognitive process. For (government) institutions and companies, decision making takes on the extra dimension of socio-economic scope and implications.

With our experience in the fields of analysis, policy formulation, evaluation and advice, Ecorys helps with our client’s decision making needs.

We have extensive experience with interim management and organisational support assignments.

Selected Projects

  • Training on Public Finance Management
  • Bulgaria: Institutional support to Ministry of Finance for preparation for Structural Funds
  • Ukraine: Preparation of the EU-funded agricultural sector programme
  • Serbia: Technical assistance for Regional policy development at national level
  • Croatia: Regional Development Capacity-Building Facility
  • Kosovo: Technical Assistance to support the Regional Economic Development
  • Turkey: Technical Assistance for Empowerment of Women and NGOs
  • Russia: Administrative Capacity Building for Kaliningrad Oblast
  • Croatia: National Strategy for Regional Development
  • Kenya: Uganda joint railway concession: asset valuation
  • Romania: Design of Romanian Municipal Infrastructure Fund to invest in municipal infrastructure PPP
  • Turkey: Strengthening the legal, policy and institutional framework for PPPs