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Programme Management and Delivery

Programme Management & Technical Assistance

Corporate and public agencies seeking to control risk and introduce 'leaner' product or project delivery look to third parties to provide management services. Ecorys has an outstanding reputation for the development and delivery of large programmes for clients at all levels. We can provide a tailored and comprehensive package of services or individual components to progress your programme strategy, maximise impact, ensure spend targets are met and minimise risk.

Grant & Fund Management

Eocrys has over 20 years of experience in providing grant management services to national and EU level public sector clients. Ecorys understands the specific needs and requirements of programme management as a result of its longstanding involvement in programme implementation for several clients. In addition to sound process management, knowledge of the specific policy area is always involved. This ensures credible activities and guarantees that implementation stays close to objectives of programmes and policies.

Framework Contract Management & Resource Mobilisation

Ecorys has been involved in managing several Framework Contracts (FWCs) for over a decade. Most of these FWCs are for the European Commission, but also for other clients like the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Department for International Development (DFID).

Selected Projects

  • Worldwide Europe Aid Framework Contracts:
    • Lot 1 and 2: Macro-economic support
    • Lot 9: Education, Employment and Social
    • Lot 10: Support to Industry/Commerce/services
    • Lot 11: Macro Economy & Public Finance
  • Worldwide: JEU Country-level evaluations
  • Framework contract for Technical Assistance to Jaspers’ benefi ciary countries - lot 1 (transport infrastructure)
  • Bangladesh: Economic empowerment of the poorest challenge fund for DFID
  • Worldwide: Dew Point: Resource Centre for Climate Change
  • Environment, Water and Sanitation for DFID
  • Worldwide: Framework contract for support to ORIO programme
  • India: Framework agreement to support DFID India work on impact & otherevaluations