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Programme and project monitoring and evaluation

Complexity of development processes and associated interventions is being recognised. As a consequence, the pressure is on for practitioners to design and implement robust and innovative Monitoring & Evaluation techniques.

Ecorys has extensive experience of conducting many types of M&E assignments in the development cooperation sphere. Our track record includes evaluations of country strategies, specific modality mixes, programme portfolios as well as emerging topics such as donor exit management. Over the past years, we have successfully conducted evaluations in the agriculture, education, governance, health, microfinance, public administration and public finance management sectors. A share of our earnings is reinvested each year to fund independent M&E and social science research relevant to our clients’ future needs.

Our approach is based on a simple premise – linking cutting-edge evaluation techniques with relevant sectoral expertise and local knowledge. We have supported many clients in their quest to strengthen accountability and stimulate learning.


Ecorys has a long track record of undertaking independent external monitoring of development assistance programmes for many donor organisations. Monitoring involves the systematic collection of data to provide stakeholders with an indication on the extent of their achievements of objectives and the progress in the use of allocated funds. In the past fifteen years we have conducted monitoring assignments in all regions of the world covering all major development sectors and aid modalities.

Our monitoring work covers all the major sectors and puts us at the heart of many key policy debates in development co-operation – institution-building, the role of civil society, country-ownership and the choice of aid modality.


Over the years we can proudly point to numerous examples of our work shaping policy debates. We have contributed to strategies for socio-economic transformation in transition economies, bringing fresh perspectives to interventions in social sectors.

Ecorys has extensive experience in conducting complex evaluations of aid modalities. This includes evaluation of country strategies, specific modality mixes and programme portfolios. We have successfully conducted evaluations in the agriculture, education, governance, health, microfinance, public administration and public finance management sectors. Ecorys also has growing expertise in the field of both ex-ante and ex-post (impact) Evaluations.

Selected Projects

  • Asia: Result-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) of operations in various countries.
  • Nigeria: Monitoring and Evaluation of DFID’s State Level Programme.
  • Mali/Nicaragua: Impact evaluation of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes.
  • Africa: Baseline Study MFS2 in Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda.
  • India: Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment for the EU-India FTA.
  • Europe: Review of methodologies applied for assessment of employment and social impacts.
  • Worldwide: Ex-post Evaluation of the Tempus phase III – programme covers 27 countries
  • Indonesia: Evaluation of the EC’s support.
  • India: Framework agreement for supporting DFID India work on impact and other evaluations.
  • Asia & Africa: Joint Evaluation of Exit Management Botswana, Eritrea, India, Kenya, Malawi,South Africa.
  • Worldwide: Joint Evaluation of Dutch CFAs Contribution to the Micro fi nance Sector.