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Ecorys working on Gender Action Plan and Community Awareness Program under Jammu & Kashmir Urban Sector Development Investment Program (JKUSDIP) (ADB 3132-IND)

The primary objective of JKUSDIP is to promote economic development in Jammu and Kashmir through the expansion of basic services such as water supply, sewerage, sanitation, drainage, solid waste management, urban transport and other municipal functions in Jammu, Srinagar and other important urban centers. Ecorys services includes: - Community Awareness, People’s Participation and Gender Mainstreaming, which broadly includes: - Support ERA with grass-root skills and capacity for implementation of the Gender Action Plan, CSC and Consulting and Participation Plan - Identify through community consultation and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) participants (with a target of at least 33% women) - Conduct socio-economic survey - Encourage local communities effective participation in all project activities - Organize community awareness programs to create awareness and education on safety, health and personal hygiene habits among community members - Organizing project orientation workshops - Semi-annual monitoring meetings for community organizers and women’s groups - preparing IEC material, content development and implementation of related activities and also training / workshops