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Ecorys Signed contract for Strengthening Road Sector Policies and Strategies (SRSPS) under Rajasthan Road Sector Modernization Project (RRSMP) – World Bank

The project aimed at to improve its performance and transform into a modern road agency, PWD aims to substantially enhance and revise its traditional ways of doing business. The GoR has initiated a Road Sector Modernization Plan (RSMP), which seeks to address key priorities of the state taking into account best practices road industry example available in India and abroad.

Ecorys services includes:
- Developing Comprehensive Road Sector Policy
- Formulating Road Sector Strategy covering/spanning 5-10 year period
- Design Appropriate Financing Framework for the Road Sector
- Prepare 5-10 years prioritised road investment plan
- Policy on Contracts Packaging, Procurement, Complaint Handling and Contracts Management
- Organise Stakeholders Workshops for a Consensus on Preferred Option