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Ecorys finalising Road Master Plan for Bihar, India

Ecorys has been awarded an important  Asian Development Bank project for providing technical assistance for the Road Master Plan for Bihar, India.

The Government of Bihar received a loan from the ADB to improve its road network for economic and social development of the state. The project will support Bihar’s priority to implement improvements quickly to ensure that the development impact of the road network is optimized and its social and economic benefits are harvested in a timely way. The objective of the assignment is to provide Technical Assistance to develop a strategic master plan for Bihar’s state highway network (estimated to be 7000 km) to improve the life of local people and to connect the rural population with the national highways in Bihar. The Bihar State Road Development Corporation is the Executing Agency for this assignment and will act on behalf of Government of Bihar.

For this project Ecorys leads a consortium of Indian companies and will provide technical advice as well as manage the contract. Consortium partners include SNC Lavalin and ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd.

The project is being coordinated from the Ecorys office in New Delhi. This project win is a big success and builds on the experience gained from Ecorys preparing the Punjab Strategic Transport Master Plan in India. The implementation of this contract  signals the important role Ecorys plays in assisting the Indian transportation sector as well as other policy sectors and public bodies.