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Transport, mobility and infrastructure

Programme Management

Roads & Highways

Good roads are essential to gain access to the remotest regions of countries and in turn for its development.

At Ecorys we provide insight into the social and economic effects of the goods transport sector. We measure the impact of policy instruments on the sector itself. Our expertise, creativity and scientific approach are translated into concrete practical advice.

Rail & Urban Public Transport

More than any other technical design or social institution, the railway stands for modernity. No competing form of transport has facilitated change on the scale that has been brought about by the invention of the railway. Ecorys has an excellent track record of advising on rail and urban public transport matters including appropriate Pricing policy, (railway) restructuring, urban public transport reform, and involvement of the private sector through PPPs.

Aviation & Space 

To improve their competitive position, many companies and organisations are entering into global alliances, which bring economies of scale and efficiency advantages. Ecorys takes an integrated approach which covers the full range of issues – from environmental aspects to planning, demand forecasting and market analysis to business plan development and financing. The air transport sector is facing sharp competition worldwide.


Even in times of recession demand for the transport of goods has continued to increase. The various modes of transport (road, rail, waterways, sea and air) have responded to increasing demand in different ways. Ecorys has extensive experience dealing with freight transport issues at regional, national and international levels. We provide insight into the social and economic effects of the freight transport sector and measure the impact of policy instruments on the sector itself.

Ports & Maritime

Ports are important instruments for trade and transport. Competition between ports is increasing with Port infrastructure developments occuring rapidly. Privatization, PPP’s, port organization and security and hub-feeder networks are key in the maritime industry.

Ecorys works in ports and maritime transport including port strategy and master planning, maritime policy, port organisation and management, shipping markets and fleet segments.

Selected Projects
  • India: Drafting of an integrated transport policy and strategy, as well as strategic investment plans for the Govt. of Punjab
  • India: Preparation of a Development Plan for a new Investment Region in Rajasthan
  • Jordan: PPP Program, Private Participation in Infrastructure
  • Nepal: Supporting a PPP for the North-South Fast Track road connectivity project
  • Poland: Warsaw Metro Project on the basis of a PPP
  • Malta: Maritime transport infrastructural project
  • Turkey : Technical Assistance for reform of Turkish Railways
  • Yemen: Developing a Model Economic Zones/Industrial Estates Development Programme
  • Worldwide: Evaluation of Urban Transport Projects
  • Russia: Togliatti Public Urban Transport Restructuring Project
  • India: Preparing a market demand study for the Port of Sutrapada, Gujarat