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Public Private Partnership

Our Financial Advisory Services are at the core of the Ecorys' service offerings. At Ecorys we focus on issues relevant to society and our financial advisors contribute by providing:

  • Insights to decision makers in both the public as the private sector on the financial feasibility of projects or the value of assets and companies;
  • Support in developing institutional settings and tools that enable public private partnerships;
  • Advise on possible contracting and tender strategies that optimise the use of private sector involvement in the provision of public services;
  • Support to ensure effective and efficient transactions between the public and private sector;
  • Analysis and implementation of possible financial instruments for enhancing the competitiveness of both the public sector as the private sector;
  • Evaluations of policies, programmes and instruments that are aimed at the role of the private sector in the public domain.

As such our financial advisors operate both in our home markets, as well as in developing countries and countries in transition. We work for the public and the private sector ensuring our added value encompasses the best of both worlds.

Our knowledge areas include:

  • Roads, Tunnels and Bridges
  • Rail and Urban Transport
  • Port and Inland Waterways
  • Airports and Aviations
  • Regional and Urban Development
  • Industrial Development
  • Private Sector Development
  • Institutional Development
  • Development Finance