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Public Finance and Governance

About Us

Citizens around the world have become more critical concerning their government’s expenditure, taxation and deficit policies, results of policies in terms of sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty. Governments are expected to be accountable and to deliver high-quality public services. There is an increasing awareness of the need to set up efficient and workable macro-fiscal management arrangements and Public Finance Management (PFM) systems in order to cope with increasing expectations.

Ecorys has a wealth of Public Finance & Governance expertise in countries across the world. We have in-depth understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of macro-fiscal and Public Finance systems and can offer solutions to specific problems.

Ecorys has a strong track record in fields such as Budget cycle formulation and MTEFs, budget execution performance budgeting, strengthening municipal financial management and macroeconomic studies and evaluations.

Macroeconomic Analysis

Our macroeconomic analysis and advice to our clients include developing and implementing national and sector strategies and policies that contribute to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction.

Some of our macroeconomic work has been used in our PFM reform activities.

We have created economic and fiscal strategies that have been the basis for developing the medium term economic and fiscal framework.

We help governments create realistic estimates of costs for various programmes concerning Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRS), which are the basis for national growth and poverty reduction. These clear the way for IMF and World Bank assistance.

Public Finance Management

Through public expenditure reviews, Ecorys assesses the efficiency and equitable distribution of existing spending, other support programmes and provides recommendations to improve them.

Ecorys experts have participated in Country Financial Accountability Assessments, Public Expenditure Reviews (PERs) and other budgetary and fiduciary assessments in many developing and transition countries.

  • Worldwide: Public Finance Management training programme
  • Slovakia: Public Finance Management Reform
  • Bulgaria: Support for Implementation of Medium Term Strategy and Restructuring of the Ministry of Finance
  • Worldwide: Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability assessment
  • Guatemala: Public Financial Management Budget Support
  • Tajikistan: TA for development of Medium Term Expenditure Framework – Social Sectors
  • Moldova: Public Financial Management Project : Budget Formulation and Execution Methodology
  • Kuwait: Fiscal Restructuring
  • Russia: Administrative Reform to improve Public Expenditure Management