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Healthcare and education

Research & Advice


Health is important to many aspects of society and a cornerstone in socio-economic progress. Being in good health is appreciated world-wide. However, health care is developed under diverse national or local circumstances, influenced by historical, political and cultural factors. A diversity of health systems, services and markets have evolved around the world characterized by different patterns of health care demand, wealth and economic opportunities.

Ecorys has rich expertise in the area of health, taking an integrated and active approrach to the various areas of health care including health care financing, health care market, health policy analysis, health care strategies, and investing in health.

Our services in this field include:
Regulatory impact assessment, Evaluation and monitoring, Institutional strengthening, Investment appraisals, Cost benefit analysis, Expenditure reviews, Feasibility studies and Sector analysis.

Selected Projects 

  • Technical Assistance Provider to the Uttar Pradesh Health Systems Strengthening Project (UPHSSP)
  • Afghanistan: Support for the Ministry of Labour Social Affairs Martyrs and Disabled
  • The Philippines: Technical Assistant to the Department of Health for the Management of the EC Health Sector Support
  • Ukraine: Support to Secondary Health Sector Reform
  • Namibia: Final Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Response Capacity Development
  • Kazakhstan: Health sector assessment and supporting reform to health sector
  • Ghana: Independent Health Sector Review
  • Kenya: Social Expenditure Review
  • Worldwide: Framework contract Lot 09 – Education, Employment, & Social
  • The Netherlands: Programme Evaluation of Education & Health
  • Poland: Modernisation of the educational offer in Poland
  • Turkey: Technical Assistance for Active employment measures at local level
  • Development of Rural District & Local Municipalities under Municipal Growth Initiative
  • Project in South Africa

Education & Skills

Education is the key to participation of individuals in society. Good education and policy are major contributing factors to any well-functioning society and strong economy. A good functioning national education system has to do with quality, accessibility, cost of education, organisation and policy and the correlation with the labour market.

This is of course obvious for children and youths, who will soon become productive members of our society. But it also goes for adults: lifelong learning is a very important theme in national and European policies.

Dedicated education experts of Ecorys work closely with education institutions, interest groups and policy makers. We work at regional, national and international levels in order to optimise education systems and promote skills development.