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Environment, energy and water

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A healthy, clean and thriving natural environment enables the supply of sufficient food, protection from natural disasters and provides the derived goods and services that fuel our economy to maintain the social cohesion of our communities. Environmental consultancy work at Ecorys reflects these challenges:

  • Developing strategies for biodiversity protection
  • Understanding forest degradation and fragmentation
  • Analysing disaster scenarios and risk management
  • Integrating green measures and instruments
  • Overcoming market failures that result in externalities
  • Addressing environmental governance weaknesses
  • Environmental impact of national policies on the environment
  • Climate change issues

Water resource management

Ecorys offers expertise in areas such as economic and social cost-benefit analysis and socio economic instruments for sustainable water management. Our experts are involved in establishing and advising institutions on integrated water policy and management as well as solving spatial distribution problems. Our assignments include providing advice on the determination of the price of water, to financial and economic assessments of infrastructure, water related spatial planning and transport projects.


Ecorys Energy is one of the fastest growing businesses of Ecorys. We deliver strategic advice to policy-makers by combining in-depth energy and environmental expertise with a clear understanding of the societal and economic context in which new policies have to be implemented. In this field, Ecorys offers consulting services such as:

  • Policy advice
  • Evaluation and monitoring of programmes and policies
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Modelling and scenario-building

Our services related to renewable energy span a wide spectrum of technologies including solar power, on and off-shore wind energy and energy from biomass. Furthermore, our expertise covers analysis of the impact of renewables on energy infrastructure such as district heating networks, 'smart' grids and biogas hubs.

Our energy efficiency consulting services focus on the building sector which is of particular importance for energy efficiency measures. Besides the building sector, we also focus on services related to energy-efficient consumer goods and services.

Selected Projects

  • India: Support Agency for Multi Village Scheme for Karnataka Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency.
  • Turkey: Environmental master plan and investment strategy for Marmara Sea Basin
  • Turkey: Strengthening the capacity for sustainable groundwater management
  • Estonia: Technical assistance for the pilot Harjusub river basin district water management plan.
  • Europe: Integrated Trans boundary River Basin Management of the Sava
  • Europe: Framework Economic Assistance work in the fi eld of Energy and Transport
  • Europe: Identifi cation of best sustainable energy investment options at the local & regional level
  • Worldwide: Environment and Water Public Expenditure
  • Asia & Africa: Evaluation of the Danish Support to Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Turkey: Implementation of the EU Water Framework
  • Netherlands: Review of funding mechanisms and policy advice on aspects regarding an assessment of the Dutch contribution to Millennium Targets for Water, Sanitation and Energy.
  • Europe: EU nuclear power plants and other generation technologies due to the effect of climate change