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Independence, integrity, CSR

Economic Policy

We value our independence, our integrity and our partnerships. We care about our environment and have an active corporate social responsibility programme.
Ecorys is for the greater part owned by its employees. The only ‘external’ stakeholder is the Foundation NEI which invests its revenues in promoting applied economic science, with the Ecorys Research Programme being one of the main beneficiaries.
Ecorys enjoys a reputation for conducting its business with integrity and with respect for the interests of those our activities can affect. This reputation is an asset, just as real as our people and brands. Please check our Code of Business Ethics.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We organise our operations in a sustainable manner and aim to offset our impact on the environment. Our CSR efforts are about creating 'shared value' that benefits society and business and are a joint effort by company and staff, with awareness and caring as keywords.